Our Story


Joy and Jolie is a health and healing sister-owned company located in the sunny hills of Northern California created and managed by two sisters, "J" (9) and "J" (5). 

Mama Sophie and Papa Tim are both entrepreneurs who love coming up with creative solutions to challenges, and 2021 proved to be a year of growth for the whole family. 

When our working and homeschool family saw that the future of work for the next generation was going to be challenged, the two sisters wanted to start a "pharm" to start growing medicinal plants and raise backyard chickens! 

After 10 years of cleaning up our home from toxic chemicals and harvesting our own medicinal herbs on our land, we began to experiment with the best formulas for treating eczema (a condition both Joy + Jolie have), and have been handcrafting our own herbal healing salves, balms, teas, and baths.

The sisters gifted our clients, friends, and families with and have learned to refine their prototypes after asking for user feedback. We waited to launch until our friends and family loved our products and began to ask us how they could buy! 

Joy and Jolie design their logos and branding, manage the business and website, make and iterate the products, listen in to Mama's marketing and psychology rants, and calculate their own P&L statements after craft fairs with minimal help from Mama and Papa. We think of it as a Math and Science  homeschool program on ster-- Vitamin D. Grandma "Bà Ngoại" handles all the QA/QC and Grandpa "Ông" is first to buy their new prototypes, even testing out their first shower steamers. 

As well as earning money, they donate 10% of their profits to homeless shelters nationwide.

Using beyond organic, non-GMO, locally-sourced when possible, and even homegrown ingredients, our salves and products are hand crafted in small batces, hand packaged, and curated with care in the Joy and Jolie warehouse.

Our salves, baths, and teas help savvy, eco-conscious consumers live with happiness and beauty while providing you with the best for your family so you can have some Joy and Jolie.

Our mottos is "Health and Healing at Your Fingertips!" 

Blessing from our family to yours!